Apple announces Sept. 15 event, but is it for iPhone?

Apple announces Sept. 15 event, but is it for iPhone?

Apple has a new Twitter hashtag

Apple watchers had been expecting some news from Apple today, with some of the most well-known rumor reporters arguing over the likelihood (or not) of hardware news today.

In the event there has been no product (yet), though the Apple Events page was updated and a new Apple-related hashtag appeared on Twitter.

Type #appleevent on a Tweet and you will see this hashtag appear alongside a special blue Apple badge. (It may be worth observing the tag is set to expire on September 28, which may hint at either shipping dates, OS release days, or even a second launch event. Industry speculation is all over the place at this time.)

What’s in a logo?

The Apple logo seems pretty important to the company for its product launches. A glance at the company’s current events page shows a highly stylized Apple icon featuring curved lines in graduated shades of blue and the phrase “Time Flies.”

Apple has made use of stylized versions of its logo for product release events since 2018, while the mention of time is interesting, given expectation around a new Apple Watch and a new lower-priced device in the Apple Watch family.

What’s really interesting is that if you receive the invitation Apple is distributing to watch the show you gain access to an interactive AR-based experience in which the icon moves around your space only to coalesce in the numbers 9.15.

Here is how this looks in action: