Dell’s XPS 15 makes big laptops cool again

Dell’s XPS 13 is the most exciting laptop in a long time. It’s the best 13-inch Windows laptop out there, but a lot of people want a bigger screen. While 15-inch laptops are some of the most popular on the market, if you want a larger laptop what options do you have?

Google Chromecast review (2015)

Two years ago the Google god in the sky gave unto us a $35 dollar media-streaming dongle, and lo, it was good. Pretty good anyway, and it got better with software updates, but it still has lagging tendencies. Well, it’s 2015 baby, so what’s the new Chromecast got? Less lag! And... that’s pretty much it. But honestly, that might be enough.

Google is reportedly working with Vizio on Cast-ready TVs

Google has tried reworking Google TV into Android TV, but we're still not seeing the platform embedded in many more new TVs that were announced at launch. Now, according to a report from Variety, the company could try convincing manufacturers to build Chromecast-like receiving directly into TV sets. The first rumored partner is Vizio, which could be looking for a new edge in smart TVs with Yahoo shutting down its platform, and the possibility of an Android tablet remote. Vizio tried building its own Android tablet before, but packing one in with each new TV would be a step further.

Boston Dynamics presents the 'next generation' Atlas robot

Over the years we've watched in awe as Boston Dynamicshas refined the design of its humanoid Atlas robot, and this new version is impressing us once again. Last year the Alphabet-owned group showed off a battery-powered version of the robot, and now the "next generation" model remains wireless, but is smaller. Matching my size at 5 feet 9 inches and about 180 pounds, it compares to a predecessor that was six feet tall and weighed 330 pounds a couple of years ago.

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